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‘I don’t need to wear eyeshadow or eyeliner’: Chinese woman breaks her own World Record

Beijing: A woman named You Jianxia, hailing from China, has broken her own record of having the world’s longest eyelashes. The lashes are so long that she will be able to braid a needle-like thin braid that might look pretty interesting!

A video was shared on Guinness World Record where she is seen displaying her eyelashes that look really great on her. Restating once again, they are not extensions.

Currently, her eyelashes are 8.0 inches. She broke her own record that she earlier won in 2016. She has been growing it since then that made her reach this achievement.

As per the record-counting organization’s blog, Jianxia also consulted the doctor to get it checked to see whether it is a condition that has caused this. She said, ‘I kept thinking about why I have such long eyelashes, then I remembered I had spent over 480 days in the mountain, years ago.’

She also added that this must have been a ‘gift from Buddha.’ This has given her a lot of joy and just that, nothing else.


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