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Kalyan Jewellers alleges Mughals introduced nose rings in India, issues clarification following outrage on social media

New Delhi: Kalyana Jewellers, one of India’s largest jewelry chains, recently sparked controversy by claiming that nose rings were first introduced in India by the Mughals. ‘Nose rings were first in India by the Mughals from the Middle East,’ it claimed.

As reported on Saturday by popular Twitter user Sunaina Holey, the ‘Marathi Nath’ page of the Kalyan Jewellers website erroneously attributes the introduction of nose rings to the Mughals. She said in a tweet, ‘Nath Or Nose Rings weren’t introduced by Mughals in India. Please don’t twist the history. It exists since ancient times & became popular around the 9th & 10th centuries, when naths became a status symbol. Requesting you to write facts.’

Citing historical references, Hindu activist Saumya Mishra said the nose rings were one of 16 shringars (makeup) used by Hindu women. ‘It was present even before Muslims came into existence,’ she added.

Following social media outrage, Kalyan Jewellers released a statement on the matter. As a response to Sunaina Holey, the jewellery chain said, ‘Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We have updated the blog and corrected this error.’

Kalyan Jewellers removed the contentious claim about Mughals by the time this article was written. Nose rings are popularly referred to as ‘Marathi Nath’ by people living in Maharashtra, Goa, Belgaum and Karwar and are worn during pujas, weddings, and other significant occasions.



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