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PlayStation 5 ‘Goodwill Discount’ Offers New Console at 20 Percent Off

If your PlayStation 5 has been physically damaged, you can reportedly get a new console for 20% off with Sony’s ‘goodwill discount.’ If a PS5 owner’s old damaged console is still under warranty, Sony is said to have confirmed to a publication that they will not have to pay full price for a new console.

According to a report by IGN India last week, Sony offered PlayStation 5 owners who purchased the console in India officially, and had somehow damaged HDMI ports, the option to purchase a new console for 80% of its cost, i.e. Rs. 39,992 instead of Rs. 49,990 MRP, as long as the damaged console was still under warranty. They were not given the option of repairing the console but were instead given the option of purchasing a new one.

Sony has confirmed this is a ‘goodwill discount’ for customers who have had physical damage to their consoles while under warranty, according to a new report from the same publication. According to the report, a Sony spokesperson said, ‘For physically damaged products, we support customers in purchasing a new product by offering a goodwill discount.’

Furthermore, Sony shared that as of July 18 it has sold over 10 million units of the PS5 globally since its launch in November last year. This makes the PS5 the fastest-selling console in the history of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).



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