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A new Jurassic Park? Woolly mammoths all set to make a comeback!

Woolly mammoths are like enigmas. Ten thousand years ago, huge beasts roamed the Arctic and even coexisted with early humans. Elephants today lack fur. During the Ice Ages, Woolly mammoths had to survive the cold.

Mammoths no longer exist. Researchers have discussed the possibility of reviving mammoths. According to scientists, such a thing is conceivable because we have technologies like gene editing that allow us to progress in this direction. An Israeli bioscience company has raised USD 15 million to support the project, which now has financial backing.

Researchers have set their sights on creating an elephant-mammoth hybrid in the near future. Embryos with mammoth DNA will be created in the laboratory for this purpose. The project will begin with obtaining skin cells from Asian elephants. Stem cells carrying mammoth DNA will be reprogrammed into more versatile cells in this process.

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With the help of a surrogate mother or an artificial womb, the embryo will then be carried to full term. Naturally, there will be hurdles along the way. Scientists believe the first calves will be born in six years if all goes according to plan. Maybe the Ice Age would not be confined to the movies after all.


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