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NASA detects a dangerous dance of galaxies.

This Hubble Space Telescope of NASA/ESA captured an image that features two interacting galaxies that were so intertwined that they were named collectively as Arp 91.

Their delicate galactic dance is more than 100 million light-years away from our Earth. The two galaxies that comprises Arp 91 have their separate names NGC 5953 and NGC 5954.

Both the galaxies are spiral galaxies, but the shapes appear very different as they are oriented in different directions with respect to our planet.

The NGC 5953 is the lower galaxy, which looks like a bright spot and NGC 5954 is the upper right galaxy which looks oval in shape.

According to NASA, Arp 91 is a vivid example of the galactic interactions that take place in the space.

NGC 5953, the lower galaxy is tugging at NGC 5954 the upper right galaxy, which makes them look like one of the galaxies is extending one spiral arm downward.

The galaxies are interacting with each other which is caused by the immense gravitational attraction between the two.

NASA says that such gravitational interactions are very common and an important process in galactic evolutions.

Most astronomers think that this kind of interactions create elliptical galaxies, which is another type of galaxy, formed from collision between several spiral galaxies.

These massive collisions which involve extremely energetic processes which happen on a timescale that looks gigantic in comparison with human life span.

Arp 91 would not look any different over the course of our lifetimes as the process of this galactic dance takes hundreds of millions of years to complete.



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