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Teenager commits suicide after bullying and rejection by birth parents!

In China, a teenager committed suicide after a bullying incident and rejection twice by his birth parents. The 17-year-old, whose name is Liu Xuezhou, published a lengthy post of approximately 10,000 words on China’s Twitter-like platform, Weibo. ‘There have been people attacking and cursing me on Douyin and Weibo in the past couple of days,’ he wrote in the suicide note.

In December 2021, he shared an emotional post in which he described how his biological parents deserted him after they reunited. In the beginning, they sold him to two farmers in Hebei province in north China. Unfortunately, he had to move in with his relatives after they died. A search for his birth parents on Douyin led him to find them last month after he had launched an online campaign in search of them.

Upon asking for a separate place to live, they started fighting with him as soon as he met them. He said Ding Shuangquan asked them to ‘either rent me or buy me a house because I have been homeless’. His mother, surnamed Zhang told Chinese media, ‘Wouldn’t you stay away if he were your child and was being so defensive that he even recorded your conversations? His father has remarried, and so have I. He tried to force us to buy him a home, but we are not well-off enough for that’.

People reported Liu’s death to the Chinese police after reading his online obituary. The police found Liu’s dead body on the beach in the southern island province of Hainan.


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