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A New Agreement Between India and France Will ‘Bring Together’ Space and Defence Agencies.

New Delhi: Building on a ‘wonderful’ heritage of over 60 years of technological and scientific space collaboration, India and France have decided to establish a bilateral strategic discussion to address current issues in space including ensuring secure access.



‘India and France have decided to establish a bilateral strategic conversation on space problems,’ the Ministry of External Affairs said in a joint statement on Wednesday following meetings between the two nations during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit.



Various specialists from space and defence departments will contribute to this discussion. In addition, the first India-France strategic conversation on space problems would take place as early as 2022. ‘It will bring together space and defence professionals.’


Furthermore, the nations strengthened their cooperation in the area of cyber security. Both parties praised  cyberspace that is calm, secure, and open. ‘India and France have boosted collaboration between their cyber security organisations’ in an increasingly digitalized world. They decided to ‘join forces in advancing cyber norms and principles in order to confront cyber threats and commit to strengthening their bilateral cyber discussion with the goal of contributing to a peaceful, secure, and open cyberspace,’ based on a shared vision.


India and France expressed serious concern about the humanitarian situation and violation of human rights and reiterated strong support for a peaceful, secure and stable Afghanistan, emphasizing respect for its sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and non-interference in its internal affairs. India and the United States of America are two countries that have a lot in common. India and France also reiterated their commitment to forging one of the most important strategic alliances in the Indo-Pacific region for promoting peace, stability, and prosperity.


The Indo-Pacific relationship encompasses defence and security, commerce, investment, connectivity, health, and sustainability. Apart from bilateral cooperation, India and France will continue to forge new relationships with like-minded countries in the region and within regional organisations for a number of reasons. According to a joint press release issued after discussions between the two countries during PM Modi’s trip, the two countries reiterated their unwavering support for a peaceful, safe, and stable Afghanistan.



‘India and France expressed great concern about the humanitarian catastrophe and breaches of human rights, They underlined their strong support for a political solution.’ Human rights in Afghanistan have deteriorated significantly since the breakdown of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s return to power in August of last year.


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