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Editorial: The ‘obesity-epidemic’ is sweeping the globe, from Europe to India!

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) research, severe hunger and a desire to consume only a few meals are driving Europeans to death. Obesity is on the rise as a result of individuals ordering and eating from a meal delivery app throughout the day. Obesity is leading to a slew of major health problems. And the situation has deteriorated to the point that obesity has been equated to a pandemic. India has also received a report on obesity. Obesity, it has been stated, is becoming a major concern for the entire world, whether it is in Europe or India.

Hunger was a major concern in India many years ago. They argue that films are a reflection of society. Hunger was at the core of our films from the 1950s through the 1970s. The bread was essential to the plot of the film. The film’s protagonist was seen fighting for bread. When there was a famine in the country, it was shown in films as well. In these flicks, the moneylender who collected the grain and the thirster for the grain both played key roles. The country’s politics were also based on the slogans ‘bread, cloth, and house’. The death of someone due to starvation made the top page of the newspaper.

However, there is presently a surplus of grain in the country. We also manufacture grains and ship them all over the world. There is no longer any death as a result of a shortage of food. People are now dying as a result of overeating. People are eating more than they need to and gaining weight as a result. When illnesses begin to accumulate in the body, they rush to the doctor and dietician. According to the National Family Health Survey report for 2019-21, the number of obese persons in India has grown by 4% in the previous five years. Obesity among women has risen to 24%, up from 20.6 percent in the previous poll.

In the survey, 22.9 percent of males were determined to be obese, compared to 18.9 percent in the previous survey. And those in cities, rather than the countryside, are becoming fatter at a quicker rate. Obesity was identified in 33.2% of persons in cities and 19.7% of those in countryside. In this poll, no state in the country was identified as having obesity under control. The most crucial thing you will notice is that people in cities are growing heavier than individuals in countryside. In this poll, there is no mention of the causes of obesity.

Obesity is inextricably linked to our eating habits. What do you eat, how do you eat, and how much do you consume? It all depends on whether or not you are overweight. Aside from that, it is also how much activity or work you put in to digest the meal. People often eat twice each day and enjoy breakfast once or twice per day. However, food products delivered through phone calls have ruined the dining and drinking trend. You may order meals from a number of food apps on your phone at any time. One of your phone calls brings you a pizza and a burger in a short time. There is no computation of how much you have eaten.

According to a poll performed by the WHO in Europe, 60 percent of Europeans are extremely fat. That is, six out of every ten persons are obese or overweight. In Europe, one out of every three youngsters is very obese. There are 29% of males and 27% of girls among them. Obesity among youngsters is also on the rise. 8% of children under the age of 5 are severely obese. Obesity is responsible for 1.2 million fatalities in Europe each year, accounting for 13% of all deaths. Turkey is first in obesity, Malta ranks second, and the United Kingdom ranks third.

According to the WHO, online food apps are also a major contributor to Europe’s fast obesity epidemic. The habit of being distracted by social media and gaming applications throughout the day is already diverting people’s attention away from hard work. Obesity in people is growing as a result of ordering anything from an online meal app. Obese persons of various ages are among those affected. Children are becoming obese on the game when they are away from it. People’s first pick in online ordering is usually junk food. The mix of fats, sugar and salt in the body is also degrading as a result of consuming too much junk food. This is also one of the reasons why Europeans are growing more fat.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity might become a coronavirus-like epidemic by 2025. It is widely anticipated that three years from now, obesity would be at the root of the majority of ailments. Obesity can result in a rise of 2 million cancer patients per year. Obesity may be the primary cause of the occurrence of 13 different forms of cancer in the body. Being overweight may become a greater cause of cancer in the future than smoking. Aside from that, weight gain will exacerbate type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


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