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‘Not done anything that Indians would be ashamed of’; PM Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Saturday that in his eight years as Prime Minister, he has done nothing that would make Indians ashamed. He was addressing in the Rajkot area of his home state of Gujarat.

I’n the previous eight years, I have given my all to the nation. I have never authorised nor personally participated in any work that would make you or any other Indian citizen blush. In the previous eight years, we have made sincere efforts to establish the India that Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel envisioned ‘, he stated. The administration has strived to help the underprivileged throughout this time, according to the prime minister.

‘We helped the country’s poor through different pro-poor programmes and sought to make their lives better,’ he added, adding that during the COVID-19 epidemic, the government opened food grain supplies for the poor and vaccinated every person. Gujarat is set to hold legislative elections this year. PM Modi stated in his address that Gujarat has not experienced prosperity and growth prior to 2001. He stated that his administration adheres to Mahatma Gandhi’s Swadeshi concept and is enacting measures accordingly.

The Prime Minister dedicated the 200-bed K.D. Parvadia hospital in Atkot, Rajkot district, Saurashtra region. The superspeciality hospital would cost Rs 40 crore to build. The facility was constructed by Leuva Patidar activist and BJP member Bharat Boghra and his family. Boghra is the vice president of the Gujarat chapter of the BJP.

Without identifying the Congress regime, he criticised the fact that in the past, industrial growth was confined to Vapi and Vadodara, and the pharmaceutical industry was concentrated in just one or two regions. He went on to say that prior governments had never concentrated on developing commerce, enterprises, and industries, as his administration has.


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