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The first Black woman on the US Supreme Court; Ketanji Brown Jackson

Brown, Ketanji Jackson, 51, became the first Black woman to be sworn in as a Supreme Court justice in the country’s history on Thursday. Jackson joins the Supreme Court at a time when it is making news for overturning Roe versus Wade and deciding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cannot impose broad limits on greenhouse gas emissions. She will join the Supreme Court’s liberal caucus, which now has a 6-3 conservative majority. Jackson was the most recent addition to the Supreme Court following the retirement of liberal Justice Stephen Breyer.

‘With a full heart, I embrace the grave duty of supporting and protecting the Constitution of the United States and dispensing justice without fear or favour,’¬†Jackson said in a statement. President Joe Biden picked Jackson after a year on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Prior to that, she served as a federal district judge for nearly eight years. The Senate eventually approved her appointment on April 7, this year, with a 53-47 majority in her favour. After Jackson was appointed as the 116th Supreme Court justice, Justice Breyer expressed his joy.

‘I am grateful for America,’ Breyer stated, according to Reuters. ‘Ketanji will interpret the law correctly and equitably, allowing the law to operate better for the American people, whom it serves.’ Jackson will join the Supreme Court with immediate effect, although her first argument will be in the next term, in October. The next term will have a notable case involving affirmative action, which is utilized by colleges and universities to grant admission to minority students.


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