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Is regular cycling causes erectile dysfunction, know what experts say

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual problem in men. Poor lifestyle often leads to this problem. Cycling  is considered as one of the most  recommended physical activity to maintain stamina and fit body. But , some people argue that regular cycling will lead to erectile dysfunction.

In fact, cycling is an exercise that has many health benefits. But experts point out that if not done properly, regular long-distance cycling can cause erectile dysfunction in some men.

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Prolonged sitting on the bicycle seat can cause pressure on the nerves in the private parts. This can gradually lead to erectile problems. The ‘pressure’ on the ‘perineum’ between the genitals and the anus reduces blood flow. This can cause numbness and tingling in the private parts with mild pain. All these can eventually lead to erectile problems.

According to a study conducted by researchers from ‘Wroc?aw Medical University’ in Poland, those who cycle regularly must pay attention to some things to avoid erectile problems due to this. Getting up, resting, and walking are key when cycling long distances.

A study published by the   ‘Harvard Special Health Report’, said that erectile dysfunction may occur due to nerve and artery problems in the penis in those people  who spend long hours on bikes and bicycles.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your love of riding. But be cautious while riding cycles for long distance.

The seat of the bike or cycle should be adjusted with enough pressure. Gel-filled covers can also be used if needed. The height of the handlebar of the bicycle or bike should also be taken into consideration.


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