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Link between exercise and sexual health

Exercise improves physical and mental health of an individual. But now studies reveal that it also enhances the sex life of a person. As per a research study conducted by researchers in the University of Texas, exercise helps to have stronger erection in men and greater arousal for women.

Sexual activity is nothing short of an exercise. The Mayo Clinic compares a bout of sexual intercourse to climbing two or three flights of stairs. And a study by the National Institutes of Health says a half-hour of sexual activity can burn 125 calories for men and nearly 100 for women, similar to walking at a 3 mile-per-hour pace.

Benefits of exercise:

Better blood circulation:  It improves blood circulation. The entire body gets fresh blood supply due to exercising and  strong, smooth blood flow is key for arousal. In men, it  improves  erections and in women, it’s instrumental in vaginal lubrication and clitoral sensation.

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Increase in stamina:  Exercise increases physical stamina. Regular stretches, lifts, twists, lunges, any exercise helps you develop more endurance.

Increases  confidence: Regular exercise increase confidence. People  feel more confident about their body and skills as  exercise helps  them more agile, more relaxed, and healthier. Men and women alike prefer confident partners.

Reduces stress: Exercise reduces stress and thus people become more relaxed and this improves libido.

Reduce the chance of lifestyle diseases:  Regular exercising reduces the chance of lifestyle diseases. Lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes causes erectile dysfunction and regular exercise will help  in avoiding this.


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