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What to do and what not to do if you are trying to lose weight

Many people have weight loss on their to-do list, but they are not always effective in losing extra pounds and getting in shape.

Some people commit a classic error when they link losing weight with being punished. They make the decision to consume less food, giving up on their favourite meals, and eventually give in to the inevitable guilt-eating.

Then there are individuals who choose tight diets in an effort to see results more quickly. Experts have repeatedly advised against these since they are all ineffective.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar stated in an Instagram post that individuals should avoid the following mistakes when trying to reduce weight:

1. Don’t make it your only project.

2. Don’t see adaptation time as failure (12 weeks for a response to sustained stimuli).

3. Don’t make exercise a punishment.

4. Don’t make eating food a crime.

5. Don’t track every step, calorie, kilo.

Following are the things one can do when they are on a path to loose weight:

1. Do eat as per your appetite.

2. Do make the time to exercise.

3. Do make it a point to sleep on time.

4. Do keep sustainability in mind with every choice.

5. Do continue to enjoy every aspect of a full life. Friends, family, travel, work, etc.

Some people want to lose weight quickly, but it takes the body roughly 12 weeks to adjust to anything new, including a change in diet, exercise, etc. It’s crucial that you give yourself that much time.



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