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Delhi government plans to use more Anti-Smog Guns to shoot the pollution down

To battle pollution, the Delhi government has armed itself with new anti-smog guns (ASGs). ASG underwent its initial test in 2017. Many have now been placed in strategic areas.

An anti-smog gun is a machine that sprays tiny water droplets into the air to nebulize them, which traps even the smallest dust and pollution particles. The water tank, which is mounted on a vehicle, is connected to the gun. It is made to circulate water through high-pressure propellers, turning it into a fine spray with droplets that range in size from 50 to 100 microns.

ASG, often referred to as a spray gun, mist gun, or water cannon, lowers air pollution by capturing dust and other particulates (PM2.5 and PM10) and transporting them with water to the ground.

ASG makes a canopy effect and works like rain to bring down the suspended particles wafting in the atmosphere. The water spray can go up to a height of 150 feet and spew water 30-100 litres per minute.

While containing air pollution in cities, it also helps in controlling industrial dust in mining, grinding, coal, and stone crushing. Recently, the devices were also used after the demolition of the Noida twin towers.


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