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On his birthday, fans of Shah Rukh Khan misplace their phones outside Mannat.

On Wednesday night, 11 of the approximately 800 fans who flocked to superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s mansion in Bandra (west) to wish him a happy birthday misplaced their phones amid the commotion.

Around 800 people, according to the Bandra police, gathered outside Mannat residence near Bandstand to see Khan. Around five o’clock in the afternoon, Khan emerged from his bungalow’s window and waved to his followers.

A police official reported that the celebrations came to a peaceful conclusion. More than 40 police officers and officers from the Bandra police station were kept on bandobast duty.
The burglars may have stolen the phones around this time, said the police.

On Khan’s birthday, eleven people went to the Bandra police station to complain that their 12 cell phones had been taken when they were outside Mannat. For the theft of mobile devices, two FIRs have been filed.

Fans have previously misplaced their phones while wishing SRK a happy birthday. At least 13 fans’ phones were misplaced in 2017. On Khan’s birthday in 2019, two admirers had misplaced their phones in front of his mansion.


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