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The ‘Captain America’ star Chris Evans is secretly dating this actress for over an year

This information might cause a few heartbreaks. Chris Evans, the most attractive man alive according to People, has long been seen as a suitable bachelor. However, recent news sources seem to imply that Evans is no longer single.

According to reports, the ‘Captain America’ actor has been dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista for a year.

According to a source who spoke to People, Evans, 41, and Baptista, 25, have been dating ‘for over a year and it’s serious. Christopher has never been happier because they are in love. She is adored by all of his family and friends.’

They follow one another on Instagram, but they haven’t yet uploaded any images together.  Evans in his truly dedicated boyfriend behaviour, has been liking Baptista’s posts on Instagram since October onwards.

Alba began her career as a 16-year-old and featured in numerous Portuguese films and series before making her English language debut in Netflix series ‘Warrior Nun’ where she played the lead character Ava.


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