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US: A Florida man admits to robbing a bank and a business out of boredom and is detained

In Florida, United States, police detained a 45-year-old guy for reportedly stealing a bank and a store because he was bored. Nicolas Zapater-Lamadrid robbed an Orlando TD Bank and then, two days later, a Circle K gas station.

A TD Bank cashier received a message from the defendant that said ‘attack’ and ‘money.’ The cashier complied with the instructions before Lamadrid left the scene on December 5 because she thought the suspect had a weapon.

‘Give me all the money and a pack of 305’s 100’s please,’ said a typed note given to a Circle K employee on December 7.

He wore the same black hat with ‘POLICE’ across the front and the same pair of sunglasses during both robberies, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

Officers arrived at the scene to find Lamadrid holding the stolen money in front of the shop.

He admitted to robbing because he was bored and has an impulse control issue to the police.


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