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Critically endangered pink land iguana on the Ecuadorean archipelago makes a miraculous comeback

A critically endangered species of reptile endemic to a sole island on the Ecuadorean archipelago is making a miraculous comeback.  Perhaps for the first time, scientists have found communities of ‘juvenile’ Galapagos pink land iguanas and hatchlings.

The species, which was only recently found, has been given the designation of a critically endangered species because according to estimations posted on the Galápagos Conservancy, there are only 200 individuals surviving, and they are all restricted to the Isabela island slopes of Wolf Volcano.

Furthermore, the fact that the volcano is active makes them particularly vulnerable. Also invasive species, notably rats, pose a threat to the population.

As per Danny Rueda, Director of the Galapagos National Park, ‘the discovery marks a significant step forward, which allows us to identify a path going forward to save the pink iguana.’

‘Knowing all the aspects that make their existence vulnerable will allow us to take timely actions, mainly against invasive species and thus avoid interrupting the natural cycles of these fragile ecosystems,’ he added.


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