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UK mom’s laptop from Amazon turns out to be cereal box

When a mother attempted to unwrap an Amazon laptop and found the shipment box was actually filled with cartons of cereal, she stated she was ‘flabbergasted.’

As a Christmas present for her daughter, Lizzie Pattison of Lichfield, Staffordshire, claimed she ordered the PC in October.

She claimed that she had kept the package a secret until Wednesday, when she finds bites to eat rather than bytes.

After initially refusing to give her a refund, Amazon has finally made one available.

Due to the fact that the discovery was made after the 30-day return period had passed, Ms. Pattison was concerned that the cornflakes would leave her hundreds of pounds in the red.

She claimed that when the return deadline had passed, Amazon originally informed her that it was unwilling to look into what had happened.

‘Daisy, her 10-year-old daughter, would use the tablet to prepare for the SAT examinations the next year,’ said Ms. Pattison.

‘My greatest concern is that there will be a number of kids who will open what their parents think is a tablet or a laptop on Christmas morning since they have not examined the box,’ she said.

Amazon has informed Ms. Pattison that she will receive a refund and gift cards worth £40 after the BBC looked into her experience.


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