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Modi quotes ‘The Kerala Story’, accuses Congress of harboring terrorists

During a political rally in Bellary ahead of the state assembly election in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cited ‘The Kerala Story’ and accused the Congress of ‘sheltering and nurturing’ terrorists. While the Kerala High Court had called the movie fictional, Modi referred to it as a film ‘based on terror conspiracy.’ He said, ‘The Kerala Story is based on a terror conspiracy. It shows the ugly truth of terrorism and exposes the terrorists’ design. Congress is opposing the film and standing with terror tendencies. It has shielded terrorism for the sake of votes.’


The movie, released on Friday, faced criticism from not just the Congress, but even Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who called it a product of the ‘Hindutva hate factory.’ The Congress in Kerala also supported the CM’s criticism and called for the banning of its release in the state.


In his speech, Modi further added that the Congress manifesto was only about bans and appeasement, while the BJP wanted to make Karnataka the top state in the country. He said, ‘BJP manifesto is a ‘sankalpa patra’ with a roadmap to make Karnataka number one in the country.’


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