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Cardi B Confesses Fear of Jail After Controversial Mic-Throwing Episode

Rapper Cardi B, whose mic-throwing incident in Las Vegas stirred controversy, has finally broken her silence on the matter. She revealed that fear initially kept her from speaking out.

In her first interview about the incident on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ the 30-year-old singer confessed, “It was a really quick reaction, and let me tell you – I didn’t want to address it because I thought a b***h gon’ go to jail. But I’m not.”

Cardi described the scorching Vegas heat that day, saying, “Let me tell you something: it was hot as f**k. That Vegas heat ain’t no joke. That s**t was hot. It was hotter than a muthaf**ka; so there was a part of the show where I told people, like, you know, ‘Splash me.’ But even when I told them, ‘Splash me,’ I was like, ‘Be careful with the face. Because the face is beat, b***h.'”

She continued, “So, four songs after – nobody had splashed me, I told y’all to splash me for one little second. So four songs after, which is, I don’t know, 15-20 minutes after, this b***h threw water and ice on my face.” Cardi then added, “So I just automatically reacted.”

Reflecting on the incident, Cardi observed, “When I looked back at the video (clips), I see that she intentionally threw that in my faceā€¦ I felt very violated.”

Addressing the concertgoer directly, she humorously remarked, “You were trying to be funny, but I’m hilarious.”

The mic-throwing incident occurred when Cardi B tossed the microphone into the crowd after someone threw a drink at her during her July 29 performance. The Grammy Award winner reacted spontaneously, and security stepped in as she yelled from the stage. Fortunately for Cardi, no criminal charges were filed due to a lack of evidence after a woman from the audience reported her for battery.


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