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UK Theatre Disappoints Fans with ‘Jawan’ Intermission Surprise

Cinema-goers who eagerly flocked to a popular theatre in anticipation of watching Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ experienced a major letdown as the theatre inadvertently played the film’s second half before the first! This unexpected turn of events was brought to public attention when well-known content creator Sahir Rashid took to social media to express her astonishment.

Sahir Rashid shared her disbelief, recounting the audience’s confusion when the interval block suddenly appeared on screen, even though the antagonist portrayed by Vijay Sethupathi had already met his demise. She remarked, “The cinemas trolled us. The film got over in one hour and 10 minutes. We were bewildered to see the interval block after the villain met his end. That’s when we realized they skipped the first half.”

In addition to detailing the theater’s role in the disappointment, Sahir Rashid called for compensation, demanding refunds for all the tickets she purchases in the coming year. She made her plea public, saying, “Pls watch the entire video to see what happened while I went to watch SRK movie in cinema after YEARS! @vue you should not only refund one ticket but entire year’s tickets for spoiling my dream actor’s movie. @iamsrk only if you could see what happened with your fans (sic).”


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