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Know how to choose the right size condom

Condoms are the most effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and avoiding Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). But using a condom incorrectly could lead to a number of problems like unwanted pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease or even erectile dysfunction.

Condoms come in different sizes. Selecting the right size is the most important thing. Condoms that are too tight can choke off blood supply and it may cause erectile dysfunction. Using a larger size condom also creates problem as it can slip off during intercourse.

Here are some things to think about before making your next condom purchase.

1. Measure Yourself

When it comes to finding the right fit, focus on girth over length. Just take any old empty roll of toilet paper and slide it around an erect penis. If there’s extra space, you may want to look into a slimmer fit. If it fits about right, standard is a safe bet. If it’s way too tight, that’s when you venture into larger territory.

Consider Your Partner

Since pleasure for both participants is necessary, so  talk about it with your partner. Sometimes the condom variety that works best with one partner won’t be the ideal option with.

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It’s important to find a condom that is snug, secure, and comfortable. A condom that meets these criteria will increase pleasure and provide the best protection.

To determine which condom is best for you, start by measuring the length and girth of your penis. The right condom for you will provide better comfort and may prevent such accidents as the condom breaking or falling off.


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