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Simple tips to have a successful married life

There are many people who are frustrated with not being able to have a happy married life. To build a long-term relationship we must keep in mind several things.

As per relationship experts, people must keep an account for emotional matters. This is very much essential for a relationship. Men and women should give equal importance to the feelings of the partner. The first thing needed  for this is a positive communication between the partners.

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Disagreements and fights are common when two people live together. Positive communications help to  overcome these. As per a leading psychologist Dr. Dr. John M. Guttmann, if there is a ‘negative’ conversation between the partners, there should be five ‘positive’ conversations to solve the problem. 20 ‘positive’ conversations are needed to fully repair the damage of a ‘negative’ conversation and return the relationship to its warmth. John M. Guttmann calls this ‘magical ratio’.


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