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Thinking about buying a phone? LG’s ‘ThingQ’ is something to think about

LG is a much loved brand but hasn’t quite taken off as a smartphone brand yet, at least in India. Their latest product, LG G7 ThingQ debuted the device at New York City recently and seems like is trying to do what everyone else is doing to stay relevant in the market.

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The notch is something that all phone makers have fallen in love with and LG cannot avoid it either. The phone has a dedicated button for Google assistant and LG claims it has an intelligent camera with AI features.

Powered by the snapdragon 845, ThingQ offers a battery of 3000 mah with wireless charging. It has a 6.1 inch qhd screen, dual rear cameras(16 mp) and a single front camera of 8 mp. ThingQ offers 64GB of storage with 4 GB of ram. Although the spec sheet looks impressive, the question is whether LG can regain ground in the market by doing what everyone else is doing. So here is where we ask the question of what LG has done differently in the phone and they have two answers. The camera and speaker.

LG claims the phone has an intelligent camera that recognise objects and then optimise the image through saturation, automatic contrast and colour adjustments. The device will vibrate when it picks up objects like flowers. Whether this feature will translate in to actual better pictures can only be said after extensive testing.

The other feature of ThingQ, the boom box speaker is essentially using the space inside the phone as an echo chamber to boost the sound. The company says it’s 39 percent louder than G6.
LG hasn’t yet announced a price for this product and they better place it aggressively because the competition is getting tighter everyday.


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