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Truce broken: fresh Israel bombings on Gaza strip, Fireballs seen from civilian area

Israel launched fresh air raides on the Gaza strip breaking a short lived truce agreed collaterally earlier this week.

Fire balls can be seen rising from densely populated Gaza, the Palestinian territory on to which all Palestininans are squeezed now.According to an Al Jazeera report, the Israeli army’s retaliation early on Saturday did not target positions of the Islamic Jihad group but sites belonging to Hamas, a military and political faction that rules the Gaza strip.

The Hamas have fired rockets on to Israel in retaliation for the killing of Hamas Islamic jihad leader 42 year old Bahaa Abu al-Ata.The crude rockets were intercepted by Israels missile defense system, Iron dome.The latest escalation had left 34 Palestinions dead in bombings and raids.No casualities are reported in Israel side.


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