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Man thrown 15 feet into air after crashing into a car: Watch video

A video of  man riding a motorcycle hitted by a speedy car is  become viral on social media. The fatal accident took place in England.

The man riding the motorcycle was was flung 15 foot into the air after being hit by the speeding car that came from the wrong side of the road. The motorcyclist survived with a broken back, sternum and wrist in the accident.


The video shows the high-powered Subaru car at 70mph losing control and hitting the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist  survived because he was wearing so much protective gear while his  bike was completely destroyed.

The car driver Florian Pratt, admitted causing serious injury by driving at 70mph in a 60mph speed zone. Pratt, 41, has been jailed for 16 months at Sheffield Crown Court.



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