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Muslim clerics demand death penalty for minor Hindu girl in Pakistan

Radical Muslim clerics in Pakistan are demanding a death penalty for a minor Hindu girl after she declared in court that she was raped and forcefully converted to Islam. The radical Islamists and Muslim clerics in Pakistan has issued open death threats to Mehak Kumari over her statement in the court.

Mehak Kumari, a minor Hindu girl from Jacobabad district in Sindh Province of Pakistan was abducted from her home on January 15 and was converted to Islam and forcibly married to a Muslim man named Ali Raza.

She has said in the court that she was forcibly converted to Islam and raped by Ali Raza. This has ignited the wrath of fanatics in Pakistan. They are demanding a death penalty saying that Mehak Kumari has insulted Islam.

In a video released on online a group of Muslim cleric can be hard saying that they want punishment for everyone involved for the act of Apostasy. They also said that they have rejected the investigations and proceedings of Sessions court. And they had approached the High Court and will also go to Sharia Court if they did not get justice as they want.

In Pakistan, abducting girls  belonging to the minority  communities and forcibly converting them to Islam and marrying to some Muslim men is a  regular thing. Even in this week a court has approved the marriage of a 14-year-old Christian girl saying that at the time of marriage she had her first menstrual cycle so as per Sharia law the marriage is approved.


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