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Coronavirus : Health workers trying to dump a corpse in residential locality ,video goes viral ; Watch Here

In a shocking video, two health workers could be seen carrying a heavy black bag and loading it back into the ambulance. It must be remembered that they had initially denied “loading or unloading anything.” The initial statement made by one of the health workers directly contradicted the action of the other two in the viral contentious video.

In a 3-minute video shared by the official Twitter handle of BJP West Bengal Bengal, a group of locals could be heard objecting to the presence of health workers who were allegedly trying to dump the dead body of a Coronavirus infected patient in the colony, in the wee hours of the night.

The BJP unit of West Bengal accused the West Bengal government of “unceremoniously” dumping corpses of Coronavirus patients in residential areas by flouting official governmental norms and procedures. Pointing out the Coronavirus scare, they asked, “Will Mamata Banerjee show some ‘mamta’ (sympathy) for the people of West Bengal?”

“We are not loading or unloading anything”, a health worker draped in PPE overalls said at the very start of the video. For the next 1 minute, one could hear the barking of dogs and the indistinct chatter of the people in the background. The locals continued yelling at the health workers who had mysteriously parked their ambulance in a residential colony.




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