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Are you a makeup lover? Follow these makeup terms to highlight your makeup look…

With each passing year, there is a new makeup term that comes into use to describe makeup or the makeup trend. Companies constantly add new products and different ingredients to their makeup line. The best way to stay updated on the latest in makeup is to keep trying new products. So here is 7 makeup terms which of these did you know or are they all completely new to you.


Contouring is used to give the illusion of higher cheekbones, a smaller nose, or a sharper jawline. This is done by placing a  darker product(bronzer, foundation, contour sticks) in areas you want to slim and light makeup (concealer, highlighter)  in the areas you need to be more prominent.


Baking is the process of applying an excess of translucent face powder to your skin after you have applied concealer. Letting it sit for several minutes, allows your body heat to set and melt it into your skin creating a flawless finish. When baking it is best to apply the translucent powder with a beauty blender and then brushing off the excess with a brush.


Over lining is another new makeup technique that involves drawing outside of your natural lip line in order to make your lips appear fuller. While this can accentuate your lips making it look pouty going overboard will make you look like a bad cartoon character.


A cut crease is the exact opposite here the crease above your eyelid is “cut” by applying a contrasting eye shadow to your lids. This creates a harsh line between your crease and lid and gives a super dramatic look.


Hitting pan basically means you have used up most of your product so much so that you can see the pan at the bottom of the container. It is a rarity for most makeup products and means that you must really love that product and have used it a whole lot.


In tightlining method, you apply the eyeliner at the bases of your lashes in between the lashes to define your lash line and make your eyes look much brighter.

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