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iPhone 6s survived after being dropped out of an airplane window

Galiotto was flying over a beach located in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, for one of his projects. And he was holding his iPhone 6s with just one hand to capture some images through a small window of the plane. But suddenly the heavy wind took the phone away. He thought that he had lost his iPhone for good, but the story had an unexpected twist.  When he checked the Find My app. and surprisingly, the iPhone 6s was still on and located in the middle of the beach. He went to the indicated location, and the fallen iPhone was there, nearly intact.

“I had faith that I would recover it. I thought, ‘If it didn’t fall in the water, we’ll find it. For a few meters I could have hit a person — and, at that height I was flying, 2,000 feet, it was going to be a tragedy, can you imagine? But it wasn’t a tragedy, it had many emotions.” The iPhone 6s survived the fall from the plane with only a few scratches. The device was protected only by a regular silicone case and a screen protector. “It’s something that, if you tell someone, they won’t believe,” Galiotto said.

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