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Volume level issues on the Google Pixel 5 have been solved. Know more!!!

Google has released important updates for the current Google Pixel line of smartphones that address various issues that annoy users.

Some Pixel 5 owners have had to contend with a couple of audio issues on their devices, including system sounds that play at a max volume all the time. The update improves the Pixel 4a’s, 4a (5G)’s and 5’s auto-brightness response in certain lighting conditions. It fixes an issue causing speaker noise on the Pixel 4a (5G), as well. Besides, the update fixes a couple of bugs plaguing Pixel 3 devices and newer: one of those bugs causes certain apps to intermittently restart, while another fixes an issue preventing calls on some MVNO networks. Finally, Google has improved the auto-rotation response on all Pixel 3 and later phones.

On September 30th, Google finally released the Pixel 5 with Android 11 and a starting price of $699. Compared with the previous generation Pixel 4, the upgrade range is very limited, and only the Pixel 5 model is available. Furthermore, the company did not release an “XL” model as it is with previous generations. However, the latest report shows that the Pixel 5 series has a high model. This smartphone is Google Pixel 5 Pro.


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