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China unveils high speed Maglev train to storm the track; Speed 620 km/h. [VIDEO]

China prepares a new train for storm on railway tracks. China has unveiled a prototype of a train that can travel at a speed of 620 kilometers per hour. The high-speed train was developed by scientists at Southwest Guangdong University. The uniqueness of this high-speed train is that it does not have wheels like normal trains. It moves along the track with the help of magnets. This is called a magnetic levitation train. It is based on high-temperature superconducting technology.

The developers of this train claim that it can reach high speeds very quickly as it moves along the track with the help of a magnet. In addition, scientists say that it does not have the friction experienced by a train with wheels. The train, which is based on superconductor technology, is capable of traveling faster than conventional trains, the official media reported. The 69-foot high-speed train was unveiled in China last Wednesday. It also had a test run on the track. Currently, a prototype of a high-speed train has been introduced. Researchers say the train will be on track for the next three to 10 years. The train is said to be part of China’s plan to speed up inter-city transport.

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