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World’s largest luxury yacht; Costs more than Rs 3,52.15 crore

Luxury yacht with world-class facilities. How much does the world’s most expensive boat cost? 3,52.15 crore. It took three years to complete the construction of the yacht. The length of the boat is about 100 feet. The construction of the luxury yacht is completed using gold and even platinum. Precious metals are also used to decorate beautiful ship ceilings and dining areas. The luxury yacht was built by an Italian company for Malaysian business magnate Robert Kuok Hock Nien.

Bill Gates owns the first luxury boat to run on liquefied hydrogen. The yacht will be built at a cost of Rs 44.11 crore. Liquid hydrogen has been used as a means of reducing carbon emissions. The luxury yacht is 112 meters long. It can carry up to 30 people. The boat has all the luxury amenities like a spa, gym, beauty salon, and helipad. It is the world’s first hydrogen-powered luxury yacht. Eclipse is the second most expensive luxury boat in the world. The luxury yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The yacht has all the amenities of a missile system, two helipads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, a dance hall, hot tubs, a mini-submarine, and bulletproof windows. The $ 53 billion luxury boat was built at a cost of $ 1.5 billion.

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