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A breakfast that you can’t even imagine: Nature’s Cereal

The internet could be an enjoyable place particularly for those who love exploring in the kitchen. Cherish the time all of us almost broke our wrist to whip up the perfect dalgona coffee, or the time we unleashed our inner baker to make the perfect banana bread? Trends in food that are easy and delightful to look at, will always hit a chord no matter which part of the globe you come from. Nature’s cereal is the latest food trend on the breadboard. The best feature of this cereal is how it strikes all the preconceived ideas you have of a typical cereal. There is no use of milk, or oatmeal, or even cereal in this ‘cereal’. It’s a plant-based breakfast made with a simple combination of fresh berries, pomegranate seeds, ice cubes and coconut water is a chilled, crunchy treat that is just ideal for the weather outside.

Coconut water is one of the best drinks you can have during summer. It fuels you with electrolytes, is light on your tummy, keeps you cool and hydrated at all times. It is also very low in calories, hence perfect to add to your weight-loss diet plan.  If the plain taste of coconut water is too dull for you, you can always take it out in a bowl, dunk in your favourite fruits and enjoy your own- ‘Nature’s cereal’. Also, add some ice cubes make the treat all the more refreshing. American Singer Lizzo also popularized the cereal by trying it in one of her videos she posted on Instagram


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