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‘Scared Of Vegetables’: For 30 years, this woman ate nothing else but carbs and cheese

It seems that vegetables have become the object of a new phobia. The 34-year-old woman from North Yorkshire, England, has an unusual phobia – she fears vegetables. As a result, Emma has survived on a carb lover’s dream diet of chips, garlic bread, and cheese sandwiches. During her appearance on ‘Extreme Food Phobics,’ she disclosed her strange affliction and discussed her phobia.

She is so tired after eating such an unbalanced diet that she goes straight home after work to sleep, and cannot enjoy an active social life. In an episode of the show, she said, ‘I haven’t been able to try new foods because the thought stresses me out. I would like to have a family Christmas meal and refrain from eating chip butties and garlic bread on Christmas Day. I am keen to overcome this phobia not only for my own health but also for those around me’.

According to Emma, she has been afraid of new foods since she was 4. Her mother took her to the doctors and they thought it was just a phase. One of her friends was interviewed on the show and said that she is concerned about Emma’s health, adding that she gets headaches and is tired most of the time.


The show featured Emma going to aversion therapy with food phobia expert Anthony Tait. When she saw the juicy red tomatoes, Taylor brought Emma into a room filled with vegetables, where a dish of sliced tomatoes were shown to her. ‘That started to stress me out a little bit,’ Emma admitted. After seeing vegetables cut up ready to eat, she says she starts to freak out. ‘I just get all clammy and tense and jump out of my skin’. Four weeks later, Emma reports making progress by enjoying bacon and onion pastry. ‘I enjoyed that. I just need to keep it up and push myself,’ Emma said.


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