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Egypt introduces ban on unvaccinated public sector employees

In Egypt, a prohibition on public sector personnel entering their offices if they have not been vaccinated or tested negative for Covid 19 came into effect on Monday, as the government tries to boost vaccination rates as they come to the close of the year.

Government regulations also prohibit non-vaccinated public university students from attending classes. Unvaccinated public personnel Should submit a negative RTPCR test result on a weekly basis.

Employees in the public sector who spoke with the media claimed that the regulation was in effect in some offices on Monday. According to them, some employees were hurrying to receive vaccines in order to report to work, while others continued to work from home.

As students and employees waited to present proof of vaccination, long lines were formed at the doors of various state universities and government entities.

Acting Health Minister of Egypt, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar stated on Saturday that more than 14 million Egyptians had received two vaccine doses and approximately 27 million have received one. By the end of this year, the government hopes to have vaccinated 40 percent of Egypt’s population of over 100 million people.

According to official announcements, beginning on December 1, members of the public would be unable to enter government offices without proof of at least one vaccine shot.

On Monday, the Finance Ministry announced an ‘open budget’ to combat COVID-19 and to extend immunizations.

Egypt has received millions of vaccine doses from the worldwide COVAX facility and bilateral donations, and is already producing China’s Sinovac vaccine on its own. On Sunday, the government announced that the clinical trials for Covi Vax, an Egypt-developed vaccine, will begin soon


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