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Lebanese cuisine gets roasted online after an influencer calls it ‘lesbian food’

After referring to Lebanese cuisine as ‘lesbian food’ in an embarrassing Instagram video, an American influencer has been the target of jokes. Roma Abdesselam, also known as ‘The Stay At Home Daughter,’ posted a video of herself eating hummus dip and tagged a local Lebanese restaurant in the post, requesting sponsorship.

In the video, she eats hummus-dipped celery sticks before exclaiming to the camera, ‘Real hummus is really amazing!’ I’ve never been so enthusiastic about food as I am about this hummus. It’s just so delicious! However, the influencer screwed up big time in her caption, stating ‘Lesbian food is really wonderful,’ incorrectly using the term ‘lesbian’ instead of ‘Lebanese’.

Celeb Spellcheck, an Australian influencer watchdog account, couldn’t help but criticize Roma, reposting the humiliating blunder with the snarky comment, ‘Eating out.’ Roma was immediately mocked by Celeb Spellcheck’s fans. ‘That can’t be genuine,’ one person said. ‘STOP, THIS IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. She is, of course, accurate. Furthermore, only lesbians discuss hummus in this manner’, another added.

‘You can’t make this stuff up…surely this is a joke,’ stated another. In other strange news, an influencer said that after tripping on toad venom, she was able to turn her life around and find a purpose. Victoria Barbara, who sees herself as a luxury fashionista and philanthropist, hasn’t always had it easy. She recently confessed that she struggled with depression, which she was only able to overcome with the help of toad venom, commonly known as Bufo.

Barbara, who has over one million Instagram followers, told the New York Post that hallucinogenic ‘Bufo treatment’ was responsible for her psychological turnaround. Bufo is the practice of breathing the vapors of poisonous toad milk, which is said to send people on a voyage of self-discovery. In other words, they go on a big journey. Barbara chose the ancient medicinal practice ‘led’ by a discreet spiritual guide in the remote Sierra Nevada foothills. She claims it assisted her in dealing with childhood trauma.

She traveled to Mariposa, a small hamlet in central California, to meet Rosa Ma Aguilar Cruz, who would be her spiritual guide as she went high on $1,500 pop toad venom. The surgery, according to the influencer, has done wonders for her. She transforms after taking three hits of the venom and scraping it from the toad’s back. Barbara has subsequently taken it many times and described the effects as ‘amazing.’


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