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Women in the Workforce: Get inspiration from these trailblazing Indian women

India has been one of the nations with the most vibrant environments for women empowerment in recent years. Here is a profile of some women role models in the workforce who are farmers, cab drivers, among others.

Inspirational Female Driver: Ankita Shah

Ankita Shah, 35, is the first specially-abled rickshaw driver in Ahmedabad. Ankita chose to work in this male-dominated industry, defying all gender conventions and preconceptions in the process. Ankita rode an auto-rickshaw for six months instead of working at a call centre to raise money for her father’s intestinal cancer treatment.

Speaking to the media, Ankita shared, ‘I was just a year old when I lost my right leg due to polio. It had to be amputated. I was lucky that my family encouraged me to finish a bachelor’s degree in economics and make something of myself. The world, in general, was not that encouraging’.

Ankita moved to Ahmedabad in 2009 from her village of Palitana in quest of work. She had several denials while searching for a job, by spotting reasons like she was from a tiny village, didn’t speak English well and had a prosthetic leg.

Inspirational Female Taxi Driver: G Uma

Several women broke from their relationships, alleging that they experience prejudice and inequality. G Uma is one of the women who stands alone and disproves the opinions of many people. In her 10 years as a cab driver, Uma has disproved the notion that women are incapable of driving or supporting their families.

Since being forced to leave Kolar 10 years ago, Uma has developed into a popular and well-liked cab driver who is respected by her coworkers. She said that her mother took control of the household after her father’s eyesight failed. She also said that her father encouraged her and her brother to learn to drive.

Inspiring Farmer: Papammal

The day of the 2021 Padma Shri awardee starts from working on her 2.5-acre farm in the Thekkampatti hamlet of Coimbatore. She is thought to be the oldest farmer who is still working in the field at the age of 105. She is regarded as a pioneer in the agriculture field. Additionally, this woman is connected to the school of education at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.


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