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Skincare products that contain high levels of ‘mercury’ pose multiple health risks!

How many of us are aware of the ingredients in our skincare and cosmetics? Expect a few environmentally conscious customers that champion natural beauty. The lengthy list of ingredients listed on the back of the products, however, is something that the majority of us pay little to no attention to. One such dangerous component that is frequently found in skin-lightening and anti-aging cosmetics is mercury.

Who is at risk?
‘Mercury is an efficient component for skin whitening and it produces quick results, but the cost to our health surpasses the advantages. It’s a poison that can damage skin and even organs,’ said one expert.  . The global skin-lightening products market was estimated at $9.96 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $10.57 billion in 2022.

What are the health risks?
Washcloths and towels contaminated with mercury can be harmful to your health, according to studies. If it gets absorbed into the skin, it can even cause mercury poisoning with toxicity to the kidneys and nervous system. There’s a high chance that your family might be breathing mercury vapours or might have been exposed by using the same products as well.

Kidney damage is the main side effect of mercury in cosmetic products. It may even result in psychosis, despair, or anxiety. The most susceptible groups to mercury intoxication include small children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women. Long-term use of cosmetics containing mercury can harm the immunological, digestive, neurological, and respiratory systems as well as the eyes, lungs, and eyes. Many nations have outlawed the ingredient’s use in cosmetics due to the health risks. Global organisations are unable to adequately monitor the sale of these dangerous products due to a market that is too saturated.

What can you do to protect yourself?
According to specialists, using skincare products contaminated with mercury can harm the nervous system. To learn what exactly is in the product, read the ingredient list and the product specifications. The terms Hg, mercuric iodide, mercurious chloride, quicksilver, cinnabar, and hydrargyri oxydum rubrum should all be sought out. Additionally, search for clean beauty brands that are aware. Last but not least, use caution while choosing things from Amazon or other e-commerce websites.


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