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Benefits of the underrated superfood: Raw Papaya

Raw papaya, also known as unripe green papaya, is a frequently overlooked food. It is obtained from the small perennial plant Carica papaya, which is native to tropical regions.
Raw papaya is high in essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, phytonutrients and enzymes such as papain and chymopapain and is thought to have several health benefits.
It also has antibacterial and wound-healing properties and it works well as a digestive aid to help with constipation.
Today, we will discuss the numerous health benefits of raw papaya that make it a culinary marvel.

1.Aids digestion
Raw papayas are high in dietary fibre, which aids in the production of fermented starch, which eventually becomes food (prebiotic) for beneficial bacteria in the gut. This contributes to having a healthy gut.

2.Helps with Dengue fever
If any of your loved ones are suffering from dengue, give them raw papaya leaf juice. It will help to increase the platelet count of white blood cells, which drops dramatically during this fever. However, no specific study or research has been conducted to support this theory.

3.Prevents constipation
Raw papaya contains several healthy enzymes that efficiently clean your stomach and provide you with a toxin-free digestion process. Also, because papaya is anti-parasitic and anti-amoebic in nature, it regulates bowel movements and prevents our gastric system from accumulating unhealthy gas.

4.Helps manage diabetes
Green papaya contains several important minerals and it helps to manage glucose levels in the body. These minerals are also helpful to enhance the release of insulin. It can also work against key enzymes, which are responsible for type 2 diabetes.


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