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Scientists discover pieces of DNA which are said to act like ‘Bond villains’ in helping cancers spread

Scientists have identified the DNA fragments that are thought to operate like ‘Bond villains’ in promoting the growth of cancer. Researchers working on the Cancer Big Challenges, a project supported by the National Cancer Institute of the United States and Cancer Research UK, discovered the genetic fragments known as extrachromosomal DNA, or ecDNA.

According to the Guardian, the study team was made up of chemists, biologists, geneticists, mathematicians, and immunologists who were situated in California, London, and other places.

The discovery of this ecDNA may revolutionise therapies for some of the most aggressive tumours afflicting humans today, according to the scientists who also claimed that it can aid tumours in developing resistance to anti-cancer drugs.

Speaking to the Guardian, Professor Paul Mischel of California‚Äôs Stanford University, called the discovery of how these microscopic agents behave inside the human body a ‘game changer.’


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