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Know all about ‘refractory period’

The refractory period is the time period following an orgasm during which a person cannot experience another orgasm. Both males and females experience a refractory period. It is a natural and necessary process for the body to recover after ejaculation. During this time, the body undergoes physiological changes such as the release of the hormone prolactin and the constriction of blood vessels in the penis.

Post-ejaculation, the penis becomes flaccid from neural signals which tells your body to relax. After ejaculating, the dopamine and testosterone levels drop, and prolactin level rises. An elevated prolactin level post-ejaculation plays a role in your inability to get it up again.

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The average refractory period for males is generally considered to be between 30 minutes to several hours. However, it can vary widely depending on the individual and various factors such as age, health, and sexual activity. In younger males, the refractory period may be shorter, while in older males, it may be longer.


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