Know the secret behind Sunny Leone’s beauty and fitness

Former pornstar and now Bollywood’s hot sensation Sunny Leone has turned 38 early this week. The beauty, whose real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra, was born and brought up in Canada.


Leone had revealed in a TV show that she followed the ketogenic diet, which is a fat-heavy diet that is low in carbohydrates. In a video interview with Pinkvilla, Leone had revealed that she starts her day with a big glass of coconut water. She also said that she keeps packets of oatmeal handy with her, to eat for breakfast.


This beautiful actress shared her everyday diet plan which is something you would swear by. From morning regime to lunch and dinner, Sunny is giving us major fitness goals.


Sunny is an early riser. Her mornings start with having breakfast and then intense workouts. She wakes up and drinks a glass of coconut water or a glass of mineral water with a whole lemon. Drinking Coffee is like an addiction, so leaving it seems a bit difficult for her. .Her preference in breakfast is oat mills, especially which comes in a packet of Cinnamon brown or Apple Cinnamon.


Her lunch and dinner are almost the same, as she prefers having a glass of fresh fruit juice and raw vegetables with a sprinkle of salt and black pepper over it. But sometimes her instincts require plain patties or beans chilly which are her favourite recipes.


Gorgeous Sunny has no preferable day to call as Cheat Day. If she Wants to have a Pizza she would have it right away, no matter if it is Sunday or Monday. Even she craves for Rajma Chawal sometimes.


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