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Coronavirus : Does isolation mean no sex? ; Here’s the answer

Since you can be infected with the virus and not have symptoms, the only reliable way to know if you or your partner are infected is through testing. If you and your partner have no symptoms and have stayed at home, then sex likely poses no risk.

Here are a few general recommendations to keep in mind that can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Safer sex

First and foremost, wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water before and after you do anything.

Think of it as the new foreplay in the time of isolation!

If you think you need a face mask, most likely you don’t. Mask use is recommended by WHO only in specific cases. There is evidence that some women in Japan have worn face masks as a way to increase their attractiveness by hiding their faces when not wearing makeup. However, a study of this practice showed that for some, face masks decrease facial attractiveness.

You can further minimize the risk of contagion by using condoms, dental dams or latex gloves. These may not be your cup of tea, but desperate times calls for fun measures.

Stay informed

The novel coronavirus is no joke, and it has already taken thousands of lives around the world and several lives in Canada. We all can do something to prevent the spread and keep those at risk safe.

Read reliable information. Do not panic. Stay indoors for now. Fear, rumours and misinformation spread quickly. Crucially, we need to trust the recommendations of scientists.



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