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Sex during Corona lockdown : Try this method to make your sex life better

People usually go to the doctor for sex tips. But there are some people who do not want to share the problems related to their sex life with someone else due to shame. People seek solutions on the internet. If you are also facing some kind of sex problem and want to improve your sex life, then today we are going to tell you about a panacea recipe which will solve all your problems. Experts consider this recipe to be the best among all sex tips. You must have heard the name of the banyan. It is called ‘Banyan tree’ in English and butt and bar tree in Hindi. Its result can solve all the problems related to the sex of men. You should just know how to use it properly. No one eats the banyan fruit except birds, but if men start using it, then there can be amazing changes in their sex life. There are many problems that can be solved with the consumption of this fruit.

Inner Strength:

In today’s era, many types of medicines are available in the market to increase sex power. Many people also use Viagra. But hardly few people know that the use of Viagra can cause many side effects too. But if you consume banyan fruit, then you will not need any other medicines for this.

Low mobility:

This problem occurs to men when their sperm becomes thin. Due to dilution of semen, it is not able to stay inside the woman’s body for long and the woman has difficulty in conceiving. By consuming banyan fruit, the semen of men is not only thick, but also the problem of premature ejaculation is eliminated.

How to use

First of all, break the banyan fruits before falling to the ground.

Now dry it without getting sunlight.

When it dries well, make a powder by crushing it.

Keep in mind that do not use any kind of iron utensil to make this powder.

Now mix the sugar powder in this powder and keep it in an earthen vessel.

Use this powder daily with milk in the morning and evening.


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