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Family forced to keep dead body in Ice cream freezer; A Covid time horror unleashed by officers negligence

A family in Kolkata had to keep the dead body of their father aged 71 in an ice cream freezer allegedly due to bureaucratic sloppiness. The man complained of suffocation on Monday and upon consulting a doctor was advised to undergo Covid test. But he died in the apartment soon after returning from the clinic.

The doctor visited the deceased patients apartment for confirming the death but refused to give death certificate before the Covid test report arrives. With out death certificate any of the City’s mortuaries    neither were willing to keep the dead body. The distressed family sought the help of Police who directed them for seeking a recommendation from local councillor .

By this time the dead body began to decompose and the famili in urgency made use of an Ice-cream cellar as a make shift morgue chamber. The Covid test report came positive which further complicated the matter. The family reached out for government agencies for help in vain to arrange for a funeral. The state health department responded on Wednesday and Municipal corporation authorities took the body for cremation by 2 PM. It took about 50 hours for the authorities to listen to the plea of the family and the whole apartment was later sanitized.




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