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Researchers warn against catching sardines off the coast of Kerala….

Sardine season again on the coast of Kerala. According to the Central Fisheries Research Center, small herring have been spotted in southern Kerala. But researchers are warning people not to catch them now. Researchers have found that herring stocks could rise sharply if they are not caught now.

This is the first time in five years that so many small herrings have been seen on shore. It is estimated that it is best to catch them when they are fully grown. The current increase in herring availability is due to favorable weather conditions. They reproduce after three months. Researchers say that if caught earlier, the number of herring will decrease.

Climate change and uncontrolled fishing are the main reasons for the decline in herring along the Kerala coast in previous years. Meanwhile, there are concerns that unregulated fishing in the state could lead to the extinction of small fish, including herring.

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