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Lahori couple sparked outrage for using sedated lion cub for wedding photoshoot

Wedding photography is now becoming very popular among newlywed couples. Wedding photography is a platform for the bride and groom to make the most important day of their lives unforgettable and for photographers to showcase their talents. So many people try to differentiate their wedding photoshoots like pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding. The couple from Lahore, Pakistan, put a lion cub on stage for the wedding. Photos and videos with the lion cub will definitely get attention.

Afzal Studios in Lahore itself arranged the lion cub. The photoshoot was done while the cub was lying unconscious to prevent the lion from attacking. Wedding photos and videos go viral as expected. The animal shelter, JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter, which took up the matter on social media, later visited the studio to know more. It later informed that the studio regrets its decision to incorporate the animal in the shoot. “The cub in the photo is with the person that owns him and carries a licence. According to the studio the cub was never drugged, the cub does not live in the studio but the owner takes him everywhere,” the studio told the shelter.




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