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You should never eat these foods before sex

Here is a list of items that can make you bloat and feel unsexy on your future dates.

Beans: They make you super bloated. According to a study published in the Journal Nutrition, beans contain sugar that is not digestible, and you are sure to puff off once they hit your stomach.

Broccoli: Broccoli contains sugar similar to that in beans which makes you super gassy. Your body needs to use methane-releasing bacteria to digest them and you do not want to be releasing it right before or during sex.

Red Meat: A fatty piece of meat can make your body go into overdrive and slow down your digestion. This can make you feel extremely sleepy and definitely not ready for action.

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Cheese: Dairy products like cheese contain the enzyme lactase which can potentially slow down your digestion.

Gum: While chewing gum, all the air that you swallow while chewing can make you gassy. Gas can kill the mood to have sex.

Alcohol: Alcohol can make you very sleepy. If you drink beer then the  carbonation can lead to the formation of a lot of gas.



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